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Карта дороги к водопаду Крунг Чинг (Krung Ching)

Это скорее схема, чем точная карта. Описание достопримечательностей находится ниже.

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Карта дороги к водопаду Крунг Чинг (Krung Ching), национальный парк Као Луанг (Khao Luang)

Описание достопримечательностей дороги (natural trail) к водопаду Крунг Чинг (Krung Ching)

1. Maha Sadam (Tree Fern)

Maha Sadam, are tree fern, is the biggest fern in the World. It is fond in tropical virgin forest, which is a source of water. It is a flowerless plant that is reprodued by spores under its leaves. The spore cells need water in order to breed and reproduce a new plant.

2. Dong Chok (Chok Forest)

This species of palm is easily fond in southern tropcal virgin forest. Its fruit called "Look Chid" isedible. It will bearfruit just once and then die.

3. Lum Khwak

There are man-traps dug by Communist insurgents scattered around the area, as this area was once occupied by Communist troops. In the same area, some plants like common ginger, galanga, and ferns can be found.

4. Bandai Samkhan

This once served as a strategic point for the Communists. It is a steep slope and slippery. Extra precautions are needed when walking to this part of the trail.

5. Sala Pratuchai

This resting pavilion has two huge banyan tree which allows visitors a good opportunity to learn about the life circle of the tree. The plant starts its life as a parasite, roots itself on the ground, and then crushes its host to death. It is a favourite source of food for various kinds of birds.

6. Giant Lumpho

This timber tree has huge roots to support its trunk in the thin soil in this kind of forest. The flying lizard and tree frog are also found here.

7. Pratuchai Cave

This area used to serve as the food storage and a strategic training ground for the Communist Party of Thailand. Torches are required to enter the cave. Just far opposite the cave is Tham Kluea (Salt Cave).

8. Pa Ching (Clock Palm Forest)

The second stopping points is named after the Ching palm which can be found in this area.

9. Chang Ronghai (Exotic Palm)

It is rare giant plant of the palm family that is facing extinction. The sexual organs are seperated in each plant. Its leaves are sharp and can hurt an elephant`s trunk if pulled.

10. Mangosteen Forest

There is evidence that the Krung Ching Forest used to be the site of an ancient community inthe past.

11. Sala Fon Saen Ha

The last resting spot before reaching Krung Ching Waterfall.

12. Krung Ching Waterfall

This great waterfall originates from a long stream and passes through a granite stone valley. The most magnificent level of this 7-tiered falls is called Hnan Fon Saen Ha.

Расстояние от водопада Крунг Чинг (Krung Ching) до штаб-квартиры национального парка Као Луанг (Khao Luang) составляет около 80 км. Штаб-квартира национального парка Као Луанг, в свою очередь, находится в 150 км. от столицы провинции Краби города Краби Таун.

P.S. Полезную информацию о банкоматах и обменных пунктах города Ао Нанг, самого крупного туристического центра провинции Краби, можно найти на странице Обмен валюты в Ао Нанге, там же можно найти информацию о курсе обмена в городе Ао Нанг и о том, какую валюту лучше всего везти в провинцию Краби.

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